We design the future of personalised healthcare.

What we make

Open new doors for the next generation of healthcare to improve wellbeing of human through innovation. We are working towards objectives that contribute to overall wellbeing of everyone both today and in future. We collectively strive for a healthier, happier, and better world. No longer do we tread the path one-size-fits-all health care products, instead we enrich people’s lives by delivering personalised health care products.

How We Make

Creating wellbeing for a lifetime with our global brands that prevent future health risks while empowering consumers wellness. We design evidence-based products dedicated to specific needs of individuals of all ages. We make or look at all research studies, weigh the quality of the evidence and com to conclusion to develop an evidence-based products.

How we get there matters.

Guided by environmental values, Responsible use of natural resources to conserve, maintain and care natural environment and living beings. We believe responsible use of natural resources is essential for sustainable growth. We use renewable energy, follow efficient waste management practices. Our efforts toward responsible use of natural resources contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future by minimizing negative impacts on ecosystem.

What we have for you

We produce food supplements, functional food, medical devices, personal care products, and cosmetics that are intended to prove healthcare for the well being of all our customers. Our brands deliver healthcare and wellbeing to individuals and families in over 40 countries. We produce more than 200 products under more than 12 brands in 5 different categories.

3 GMP certified production sites

A purpose build production facility and distribution building for functional foods, nutritional supplements. A purpose build production facility for personal care products and cosmetics A purpose build production facility for medical devices that shares distribution area with personal care products. All production facilities provide an environment that is compliant with GMP regulations and is intended for the manufacture, processing of products for human consumption or use. A comprehensive quality system is in place that applies to all sections within the facility including controlled access, process controls, environmental monitoring and management of occurrences, deviations, adverse events, and corrective action. The spaces are appropriately divided into controlled access areas capable of achieving class 100000 to Class 10000 air quality. R&D projects of product development and quality control laboratories including microbiology and in process control laboratories are part of the production facility developed by a multi-disciplinary scientific approach. Warehouse both for starting and finished goods are controlled areas for their temperature, air quality and flow of goods in and out.


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